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What Fantasy NASCAR Games are on the menu for 2013?

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Posted on: July 7, 2011 9:12 pm

Mopsele Tribute Radio Show on WLNU

We are set to have the LNU pay tribute to Mops along with her friends from the All Friends Bar & Grill on Sunday 7-10-2011.

Most have sent Merc a PM with your well wishes and Music requests and we are thankful...Now its time to put the pieces together...

We want to make sure we have everyone's request so we don't miss anyone...

I'm going to setup this blog page for those that want to say something to Mops but can't call into the show while we're live on Sunday.

I would have wanted to do this on the B&G but the posts would have been shuffled between other posts and it would have been a nightmare to read back through all those post to find your well wishes...

The easy way is to get it all in one place so it would be easier to read during the show...  Remember we'll be reading these on the air and telling Mops who wrote them.

Lets make this the best show ever...


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